First of all, thank you for looking at this blog. Since you got this far, I assume you have some interest, so I will share some of my life story.

As a European immigrant who grew up in the one of the European northern vestiges of Roman Catholicism, also known as Flanders, I was brought up in a moderately strict Roman Catholic environment. All the way from kindergarten through college, I was attending Roman Catholic schools (don’t confuse this with the American concept of private schools where costs are usually prohibitive for the majority), I attended Church with all the rituals of mass somewhat faithfully, but hardly ever read the Bible.

Over the years, my Christian faith slipped away and I started wondering about it all. And then, because of a job opportunity, I moved to the United States. Not just anywhere in the United States, but Dallas, TX. One of the cities that claims to be “The Buckle of the Bible Belt”. Christianity, being saved and attending church are so much ingrained in the fabric of daily life, it was nearly impossible to not be intrigued. I had never lost faith in “A” God, just wasn’t quite sure whether this would have to be a “Christian” God.

I met a wonderful young lady here and we got married in 1999. She is a very strong Christian, always has been, and was born and raised in a Baptist family. Needless to say, the Baptist and Roman Catholic interpretation of the Christian faith are quite opposite. But she was able to slowly bring my back to the core of the Christian faith.

We believe that the Lord eventually led us to a small Bible Church in 2000, where we became members somewhere in 2001. This Church is made up of a Body of caring and loving believers and over the years we have been privileged to experience that firsthand. In addition, the Church provides an excellent middle ground between Roman Catholic and Protestant beliefs. The teaching is great and very Biblically focused, we have the Lord’s supper weekly and where the “main thing is that the main thing remains the main thing”. Or in other words, where we are allowed to have different opinions about the fringe details, yet where the core of our Christian faith is non-negotiable. We believe this core of the Christian faith is in the Scriptures and expounded by the Nicene Creed.

Currently I am trying gain a better understanding of Our Lord and His will for my life. I am a “thinker” and God blessed me with a gift for languages and a pretty analytical mind. This blog is just one of the ways in which I am trying to have conversations, discussions and gain a better understanding of the majesty of our God. I am far from being an educated theologian, so I am definitely open for any correction and discourse, as long as we respect each other.

Once again, thanks for looking, join the crowd and don’t be shy.

May the Lord God bless you and guide you